The Key To Relieving Chronic Low Back Pain

low-back-pain-physical-therapyIn a new article posted by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Dr. Tadhg O’Gara, M.D., an orthopaedic surgeon states that “The key to avoiding lower back pain is keeping pressure off your lower lumbar discs (and) that means keeping an arch to your lower back.”(1)

In other words – the position of your spine can have a profound effect on pain.

Physical therapists often refer to your lumbar spine position by referencing your pelvic position. Terms like neutral spine and anterior and posterior pelvic tilts are common descriptors.

If you have low back pain be sure to see your doctor or physical therapist to get a diagnosis. The reason is that back pain can come from many sources – some structural (i.e. a disc bulge), some mechanical (i.e. posture) and some medical (i.e. kidney problems).

“Once the reason behind the pain is determined, the most frequently prescribed treatment is physical therapy, not surgery.”(2)

A physical therapist skilled in the treatment of low back pain can offer pain relief as well as help restore normal and healthy posture, motion, and function. They accomplish these things using tools of the trade such as soft tissue and joint mobilizations, modalities (i.e. electrical stimulation) and therapeutic exercises.

According to Dr. Karvelas  “Patients need to recognize that posture and activity are crucial in relieving and preventing back pain… They need to learn what exercises to do on their own and how to do them properly to prevent future flare-ups.”



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