Great News For Runners!


  • Running – as a physical activity – is associated with benefits like improved heart health
  • If you don’t already have knee arthritis then running is a safe activity (i.e. it doesn’t appear to be harmful to the knees)
  • Runners DO have other injuries to worry about
  • Improved biomechanics (aka running technique) can help prevent running related injuries
  • New technology in the Runsafer system gives runners real-time feedback to help them adjust their running technique and possibly reduce the incidence of running related injury

runner-good-newsRunners Beware?

If you run you’ve probably wondered if you are damaging your knees and putting yourself at risk for degenerative arthritis.

In other words – you may have wondered if running causes knee arthritis.

After all running IS a “high impact” activity. That thinking led to the growth in popularity of “low or no impact” exercise equipment like elliptical machines and recumbent exercise bikes.

And while those other forms of exercise are great – you have to either (1) join and go to a gym to use them OR (2) have enough money to buy one to have in your home.

One of the great things about running is that it is an anywhere and anytime form of exercise.

So what’s holding people back?

The “high impact” therefore it’s “bad for my knees” argument.

This research, however, kills that argument.

As long as you don’t already have osteoarthritis in your knees…

Running Appears To Be Safe For Your Knees

So let’s be clear… What this study is saying is that running does not appear to cause degenerative arthritis in your knees.

It’s not saying that running is an injury-free activity.

In addition to other possible injuries to your knees every year runners suffer from a large variety of running-related injuries such as:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Runner’s knee (aka Patella Femoral Syndrome)
  • Shin splints
  • Strained muscles

Each of these injuries has the potential to not only cause pain (which sucks!) but it can prevent you from exercising for quite a while while you heal.

So the old adage “an ounce of prevention…” really does apply when it comes to avoiding running related injury!

Technology To The Rescue

Running related injuries can arise from trauma (like a slip or fall) but more common are injuries from repetitive stress. So using good bio-mechanics (aka your running technique) is a key area to focus on if you want to stay injury free.

And new technology – a device that’s built into your running shoe – can provide real-time feedback about your running technique.

The Runsafer System transmits info from sensors embedded in the running shoe to your smart phone. So while you are running it can tell you how to adjust your technique to avoid injury.

And if you are in imminent risk of injury it literally warns you to stop running… How cool is that!

If You Are Already Injured or Having Pain…

And if you live in or near Arvada – then give us a call at 720.222.9669. We have worked with professional and Olympic-caliber level runners to help them get out of pain, heal fast and get back to running.