Are You Ready For Fall In Arvada?

arvada-fall-coloradoThe Fall season here in Colorado is only weeks away. And if you live in Arvada then you know that there are tons of outdoor activities to enjoy! But nagging old injuries and recent onset aches and pains can stop you from doing the things you love. If outdoor activities are calling you but pain is holding you back… What better time than right now to get rid of your muscle and joint pain?


Outdoor Activities Near Arvada

Here’s a list of three popular outdoor activities that are great nearly all year round – but are particularly awesome to do in the fall. And if you live in Arvada they are all super close!

Fly Fishing

fly-fishing-near-ArvadaThis is by far one of my personal favorites! I love to fly fish in the fall. And it takes me only 15 minutes to get from my office in Arvada to Clear Creek in Golden.

There are several physical problems that can put a damper on fly fishing. The most common are shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries. Also prevalent are back and knee problems (particularly if you are wading).

For details on specific types of problems that are common for fly fishermen (and women) check out these articles:

Overuse Injuries in Fly Fishing

Prevalence of Orthopaedic Maladies in People Who Flyfish: An Internet-Based Survey

I found this great post on “Escaping The Crowds in The Fall” that you should definitely check out. It has some great tips on both where to go and which flies to be sure to have in your fly box.


This activity requires the least preparation and has the most minimal gear requirements. In fact you can just get in your car and drive from your home in Arvada, get on I-70 and within an hour or two you’ll be able to enjoy some of the most breathtaking views of the year.

Even though you don’t technically require any gear – I strongly suggest you get a great pair of socks and some good hiking shoes. The socks are in my opinion more critical than the shoes. I’m a huge fan of Merino Wool socks. I have several pairs that I wear only for hiking and for fly fishing.

Obvious and common problems that can limit hiking are knee and ankle pain from arthritis and, of course, low back pain.

To enjoy the fall colors at their most splendid check out this article called My Favorite Colorado Fall Hikes.

The listings include details about how to get there, if the trails are dog friendly, trail distances and even bathroom information!


fall-biking-near-arvadaThe third way you can enjoy Fall in Arvada is to get out on your bike. Biking is a great activity but one that is plagued with several common injuries. This thorough article on Bicycling and Pain should prove useful in helping you identify what’s holding you back.

For ideas on where to go check out this list of 5 Fall Bike Rides

Be sure to bring a tire repair kit along with water and snacks!

 Getting Physically Ready for These Fall Activities

1. Get A Physical Exam

Now is the time to get in for a physical with your family doctor. Be sure to mention any physical pain or problems you’ve had that may limit or get flared up with activity. If you live in Arvada – there are several excellent MDs right in your neighborhood. If you have a specific physical issue such as a chronic shoulder problem or arthritis in your knees ask your doctor is physical therapy is an option.

2. See A Specialist About Your Problem(s)

As a Physical Therapist – I specialize in treating muscle and joint pains. And I can tell you from experience that many problems can be significantly improved (to the point where there are little to no physical limitations) relatively quickly. But the longer you wait to deal with the problem the worse it tends to get. And then it gets harder to “fix”.

I have many patients that come in on an “as needed” basis. Many simply need a home exercise program. Some come in for a few “tune ups” before (or after) they take part in weekend activities.

If you live in Arvada – come on in for a visit. My clinic is on 58th Avenue (aka Ralston Road) about half way between Kipling Avenue and Wadworth Boulevard.

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