3 Common Concerns About Going To Physical Therapy

Not sure if you can afford physical therapy? Don’t think you’ll have time to go to physical therapy sessions? Worried that physical therapy will hurt? Read on to find out what to do…

physical-therapy-costConcern: I think I will have a payment for every visit and I’m not sure I can afford physical therapy

What to Do: The first thing to do is check your health insurance benefits. Find out:

  • If the physical therapist you are considering is an In-Network Provider (versus Out-or Network). An In-Network provider will be covered better (i.e. you will have a lower co-insurance or co-payment).
  • What the co-insurance or co-pay is for physical therapy

If you still have financial concerns talk to your Physical Therapist about them. The physical therapy clinic may have a policy in place to help you. Or you can inquire about this before you choose which clinic to go to. This policy is called a Financial Hardship Agreement. Depending on your situation and physical therapy clinic policy you may be eligible to set up a payment agreement that reduces or eliminates your personal financial obligation.

physical-therapy-timeConcern: I work / go to school and can’t go to physical therapy appointments that many times per week

What to Do: Make sure your Physical Therapist knows about your schedule constraints on your first visit.

When making your treatment plan for physical therapy it’s important to know how many visits per week you can be available for. If your job situation is such that you will only be able to attend physical therapy sessions before or after work, or if you can only come during your lunch break, tell your physical therapist. You can also often schedule all of your coming appointments in advance to reserve a specific day and time.

physical-therapy-questionsConcern: I have never had physical therapy before and I’m not sure what to expect OR I’m scared that it will hurt

What to Do: Read reviews posted by patients that have visited the clinic you are thinking about going to. And ask questions about the physical therapy clinic philosophy. Some clinics are more aggressive and use techniques that may be somewhat uncomfortable (i.e. dry needling and ART techniques). Other physical therapy clinics use very gentle techniques. Choose the physical therapist that’s right for you based on your preferences and concerns.

If you are thinking about physical therapy and live in or near Arvada – give us a call at 720.222.9669. We will verify your insurance benefits, we have financial hardship agreements available for qualifying individuals, and we practice a pain-free approach to physical therapy.

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