Injury Caused By A Car Accident

Common Car Accident Injuries 

Soft tissue injuries are common after a car accident.
This means that muscles, tendons and ligaments get strained.

These types of injuries may or may not result in immediate pain.
You may experience pain in the hours or days after the car accident happened
You may think that you are “fine” until the pain and symptoms begin

Signs of a Soft Tissue Injury

• Pain
• Swelling
• Tightness
• Bruising
• Redness
• Local Tenderness

The Most Common Body Regions Injured in a Crash

• Back
• Neck
• Arms
• Legs
• Head and Chest (from hitting the dashboard, steering wheel, windshield, etc.)

Symptoms from these injuries include:
• Headaches
• Neck pain
• Lower back pain
• Numbness in the arms/hands or legs
• Mental fogginess
• Irritability
• Insomnia

In severe cases the injuries may be more obvious. Things like broken bones, being knocked unconscious or severe neck and/or back pain are common and show up immediately. If you have these kinds of injuries you may be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. You will be examined by a doctor. Xrays may be taken to see if you have any broken bones. Care will proceed based on what is discovered.

Common symptoms experienced in the hours and days following a car accident include:
• Feeling achy all over
• Headache
• Tossing and turning at night – having difficulty sleeping
• Suffering from anxiety
• Neck and/or back aches and pains
• Feeling fatigued and weak
• Stiffness – limited movements (i.e. bending over, turning your head)

All of these can be signs of soft tissue injury.

For a few lucky people who were only very slightly injured and who are in good physical shape, the aches and pains may go away after a few days.

For others, especially those who go without treatment, the problems can stick around (or get worse) for months or even years.

In a worst case scenario (where treatment was either not obtained or was ended prematurely) your injuries can leave permanent damage.

That’s why it’s important that you go see a medical professional when you are recovering from a car accident. Unless you are absolutely certain you have no injuries – you should get examined by someone like a doctor or a Physical Therapist.

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A qualified professional will let you know if you are truly well. If, however, it turns out that you are injured you can start getting care immediately and get on the road to recovery. Treatments like physical therapy can be effective and helpful in getting rid of pain and allowing your body to heal.

Did you know that your auto insurance has medical coverage included in your policy?

The following comes directly from the Colorado Division of Insurance Website:

“As of January 1, 2009, insurance companies are required to include a minimum amount of medical payment coverage on all automobile insurance policies issued in the state. The purpose of this coverage is to provide insurance for the first $5,000 of medical expenses following an automobile accident, including significant costs associated with emergency services, such as ambulances, doctors, and trauma care.”