Car Accident Pain Relief Guide

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The Most Common Car Accident Injury Problems Come From Damage to Muscles and Joints…

Even though the accident only lasts for seconds the damage to your body can be significant.

What You Can Do About It – Self Care Options

There are steps you can take to help decrease the pain of muscle and joint problems like those you get in a car accident.

The sooner you can get on the road to recovery the better.

For less severe muscle and joint pain self-care is usually possible. In these cases, the pain will be mild.

Self-care consists of the things you can do at home and by yourself (without having to go see someone like a Physical Therapist) and can include:

  • Over-the-counter medicine such as Ibuprofen (i.e. Advil or Motrin), Acetominophen (i.e. Tylenol), Naproxen (i.e. Aleve)
  • Hot or cold packs
  • Stretching and light exercise
  • Topical cremes or pain patches
  • Rest

You should also notice improvement (i.e. the pain is decreasing) daily.

With very mild pain and injuries, you should notice significant improvement (i.e. decreased pain, decreased swelling, and improved / improving motion and daily activity) within hours.

If you decide to try and manage the pain and problems by yourself, what follows are some expert tips.

If you have muscle and / or joint pain, here are some DOs and DONT’s:

1. DO – Avoid activities and positions that increase pain.
2. DO – Try using heat or cold (i.e. a hot pack or cold pack) applied to the painful area for 2-5 minutes. Repeat as needed.
3. DO – If your are cleared by your doctor to do so (i.e. if you have no medical restrictions) consider an over-the-counter pain medication such as acetominophen or naproxen sodium (aka Tylenol or Aleve). You may also benefit from an anti-inflammatory medicine such as ibuprofen. Again – check with your family doctor to make sure you are able to take these.
4. DO – Some natural supplements have anti-inflammatory effects and may be useful. These include Omega-3s and turmeric extract.
5. DO NOT – For muscle pulls or strains, do not stretch. Doing so could worsen the injury.
6. DO NOT – For back, hip, knee and ankle arthritis / joint inflammation / swelling – do not stay on your feet for too long. Things like prolonged walking or standing up can increase the joint pain and inflammation. Be sure to get off of your feet throughout the day.

For Moderate (or Severe) Muscle and Joint Pain

When you pain is anything more than mild you should consider seeing a healthcare professional.

To help you decide where to go / who to see for the injuries you may have gotten in a car accident, check out HOW TO DECIDE WHERE TO GO.

Signs that you should seek care include:
-Pain that doesn’t decrease with home remedies (such as listed above).
-Pain that persists for more than 24-48 hours.
-Pain that prevents you from moving the joint or limb or body area.
-Any visible signs of moderate or severe tissue damage – including bleeding, bruising, damage to skin or bone, etc.

When in doubt, seek help.

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