Treatment Options

Lots of Options…

You may have discovered there are a lot of things out there that MIGHT help you get out of pain and heal.

Some of these options are considered to be “mainstream”. This means that you’ve probably at least heard of them – or know people (friends and family members) that have tried one or more of them.

Others are considered “alternative”. This means they may be less well known, and probably less researched and “proven”.

Just because a treatment is “mainstream” doesn’t guarantee that it works – or that it will work FOR YOU.

(And just because it’s “alternative” doesn’t mean it won’t work!)

The real test is putting these treatment options TO THE TEST.

What matters most is WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.

For example, in our clinics we constantly assess to see if a treatment option is working.

And we are in constant communication with our patients to ensure they are on the right treatment plan.

Based on our findings we keep what is working and eliminate that which is not.

But What ARE They?

To help you sort through all of your options, here’s a list of some of the more common “mainstream” treatment options and methods:

Soft Tissue Work -Work with muscles including things such as massage, ART, positional release techniques, strain-counterstrain, myofascial release, etc.

Joint Mobilizations – Work with joints including things such as joint mobs, manipulation, adjustments, etc.

Therapeutic Exercise – Exercises used for tissue healing and re-building / building foundational qualities such as local muscular endurance, flexibility, restoring range of motion, and strength – generally following injury or surgery.

Electric Stimulation – The use of electric current to decrease pain, decrease muscle guarding, decrease inflammation, decreased local inflammation or activate muscles including things such as T.E.N.S., interferential current, direct current, Russian stim, etc.

Kinesiology Taping – The use of kinesiology tape to decrease pain, decrease muscle guarding, decrease inflammation, increase local circulation and improve local muscular endurance.

Postural Taping – The use of a firm tape to help support proper positioning and posture.

Home Exercise Programs – Instruction in performance and progressions of exercises to be done by the patient at home to help facilitate and speed healing and the development of fundamental functional qualities (see Therapeutic Exercise above).

Advanced Exercise Progressions – Performance and instruction in progressions of exercises that help develop sports specific qualities and advanced function.

Ultrasound – The use of ultrasound, a deep heating modality, to support tissue healing. (We choose NOT to use this modality – to find out why CLICK HERE)

Prescription Medication – The use of prescribed medicines for the treatment of pain, inflammation and muscle guarding, etc.

Diagnostic Testing – Includes things such as X-ray, MRI, CT scans – to be used in the process of diagnosing specific tissue damage / injury.