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After having shoulder surgery on the same shoulder for the second time, I was told I would never gain full function of it again. After finding PTP and seeing them for a few months I have almost complete range and strength back in my shoulder! David is the most knowledgeable physical therapist in the business and genuinely cares about each of his patients Highly recommend.
David is great. I was having knee issues and he was able to identify the misalignment of my hips as the cause. After only a couple sessions I was feeling relief and on my way to recovery. I would absolutely recommend him, very hands on and knowledgeable.
Great Experience! They know what they are doing. I had very good results and learned a lot as I recovered. Honest and sincere people.
When you’re in pain, it alters your attitude, mindset, energy level, and so much more. David is a knowledgeable and talented physical therapist. I saw David 2 years after an intense car accident and attempts to heal with other physical therapists had not solved the problems. My pain became long term and chronic and David was able to help me feel better than I have felt in 2.5 years! Thank you so much for helping me change my life!
David and his team have a very different and effective approach that was tremendously helpful. I truly believe their method of care saved me from surgery and a long recovery process. Highly recommended!
David knew right away how to proceed with treating my shoulder, and he explained how it was all going to work right up front. Good communications, very professional, and very caring! I cannot recommend David enough based on my personal experience with him.
I went to David after my second hip surgery, based on some research I had done, and I was grateful that I did! I had used a different PT after my first THR surgery and honestly there was no comparison. My recovery with David’s help was much easier and more complete than my first one. My surgeon (who did both hips) was surprised at how well and how quickly I was recovering. He said “you make me look good!” and to that I have to say to David, “you make me look good!” Thank you thank you for your care!
I highly recommend David and his team at PT Professionals! Their hands on manual approach to PT is superior to the machines used at other offices. Plus, I always enjoyed my time during my appointments…you might even say I looked forward to them which is a lot to say about a physical therapy appointment!
He made my surgery recovery speedy and and a lot more fun than it could’ve been. Very nice dude!
David did a thorough session to examine my legs and identify the over-use injury I had sustained in the course of training for a triathlon. He then identified the probable root cause, and gave me exercises to do at home to correct the issue. Patient, informative, knowledgeable – perfect! Exactly what I needed. I highly recommend this PT practice.
David identified my specific issue within the first few minutes of my first visit. His knowledge of the body’s inter-workings give him an ease of diagnosis and treatment that I found impressive. My pain decreased rapidly and we were working toward improved range of motion within a couple of visits. David is able to explain the treatment process in easy to understand terminology and analogies. He truly cares about helping his patients feel better, rather than shuffling them through just to make a dollar.