Paying for Care from a Car Accident Injury

If you’ve been in a car accident and were injured you may be wondering “How am I going to pay for this?” Read This Short Post Right Now…

Car Accident Injury Care Coverage

When you are injured in a car accident there’s something very important you should know…

And it has to do with paying for your care.

In the state of Colorado, when you have auto insurance, there’s a mandatory provision in your policy.

That means that there’s something in your policy that your insurance carrier HAS TO offer you.

It’s called MedPay and it’s an amount of money that you can use to pay for the care you need for the injuries you got in the car accident.

The minimum amount attached to your policy is $5,000.

But Wait…!

You should check your policy today to be sure you have MedPay.

I say this because you are allowed to waive this coverage. That means that when you signed up for your policy – you may have elected to NOT have this on your policy.

Many people do this to save money. But, in my experience, it’s a bad idea.

If you did waive the coverage, you may have NO medical benefits attached to your policy.

This means that if you get in a car accident, you and anyone else in your car that are injured will have no medical care coverage!

You may still be entitled to a settlement (depending upon who is liable for the accident and other legal factors – for this I recommend you consult with an attorney).

But without MedPay, your access to care might be very limited.

What To Do About It

First – be sure you have AT LEAST the minimum amount of MedPay associated with your policy (i.e. $5,000)

Contact your insurance agent for information on how to do this.

It will cost about $20-30 per month, but it’s well worth it if you are ever in a car accident and are injured and need care.

If you can afford it, you might consider INCREASING the MedPay limits.

Based upon my years of experience treating people who are injured in a car accident, I’d suggest you consider increasing your MedPay coverage to AT LEAST $10,000.

This should adequately cover the costs of your care for mild to moderate soft tissue injures that people typically get in when they are in a car accident (i.e. whiplash, muscle strains, etc).