About Us

About Our Arvada Physical Therapy Clinic

Physical Therapy Professionals is an outpatient physical therapy provider with an office located in Arvada, CO. Our Physical Therapists are all licensed professionals with expertise and training in manual therapy. All of your sessions are one-on-one and take place in private rooms. Call us at (720) 222-9669 to schedule your preferred appointment at our Arvada clinic today.

We accept most major insurance including…

  • United Healthcare
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Tricare
  • Optum
  • Humana
  • Cigna
  • Medicare
  • Workers Compensation – ALL
  • Automobile Insurance – ALL
  • Many others (if your insurance is not listed just call (720) 222-9669 and we’ll let you know)

Physical therapy can help if you…

  • Have joint or muscle pain
  • Suffer from an injury (old or new)
  • Had (or are going to have) joint surgery – arthroscopic or joint replacement
  • Were injured in a car accident

Mission Statement

Our goal is to make sure you have a comfortable and healing experience at every session. At Physical Therapy Professionals we work with you individually helping you achieve fast natural pain relief and speedy recovery of function. Our mission is to help you achieve and maximize you level of physical function and pain relief. We are committed to providing a healing and supportive environment for everyone we come into contact with including our patients, employees and the professionals we work with (such as your doctor and their staff).


Our Philosophy is to help you achieve fast natural pain relief and optimal healing with the best possible functional outcome. That means we only use the most effective and clinically proven techniques to help your body heal as fast as possible so you can get back to doing the things you love. All care is provided by our experienced and licensed professionals. Enjoy private one-on-one sessions at every visit delivered by one of our expert therapists. At Physical Therapy Professionals we only employ licensed therapists – that means there are no “techs” or non-professionals people involved in your care. As well we work closely with your referring physician to develop and maintain an individualized care plan for you.

Our Clinics

Our physical therapy clinic is located:

In Arvada at 8850 W 58th Avenue (aka Ralston Road) about 1/2 way between Kipling Avenue and Wadsworth Blvd

We have individual treatment rooms that allow for private one-on-one evaluations and sessions.

Our Physical Therapists are experts in manual therapy techniques. These techniques let us quickly and naturally work with your body to help decrease pain, decrease muscle guarding and speed healing. Unlike many traditional physical therapy clinics that have expensive exercise equipment and machines – we use a “low tech” approach to physical therapy. This means we only use exercise techniques and equipment that you can buy (for very low cost either online or at a local store like Walmart) so you can do every exercise at home. We believe that everything you learn and do at your physical therapy sessions should be something you can “take with you”. This lets you get the best benefits of your program every day – whether you come in for a session or just do your exercises at home.

Call us at (720) 222-9669 to schedule your preferred appointment at our Arvada clinic today.