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Why should I leave a review?

Sharing your experience helps other people to decide where to go

Leaving a review gives you an opportunity to let us know how we’re doing (so we can keep doing the good stuff and make changes as needed based on your suggestions)

So please take a few minutes to share your experience with others. They’ll appreciate it (and so will we).

Where can I write a review?

There are lots of places you can leave a review online. I’ve listed a few of the more popular review sites below. (And of course feel free to choose any site you like!)

Google – Sign into your gmail / google account. Open Google Maps. Search for and choose “Arvada Physical Therapy Professionals”

Yelp – Search for “Physical Therapy Professionals” and choose the 8850 W 58th Ave location
Note: To leave a review for Yelp – you’ll need to sign up. It’s super easy to do if you have a Facebook account… Just click the “Sign Up with Facebook” button. – Search for and choose “David Berman, MSPT”

Citysearch – Search for “Arvada Physical Therapy” and choose Arvada Physical Therapy Professionals

What Should I Write?

Most people use reviews to get an idea about other people’s experiences. So perhaps just write a couple of sentences describing your experience with us.

For some ideas of what to write – please have a look at our other reviews.

(And – if we did a good job and you were pleased – also please consider giving us 5 Stars)



David Berman is a nationally recognized and highly sought after expert and educator in outpatient physical therapy. He currently practices in Arvada, CO.