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Can Running Help You Live Longer?

I'm not a fan of running. But I AM a fan of living longer and improving my quality of life. So when I came across this research paper my interest was definitely piqued! You can have a look at the summary of the research by CLICKING HERE. The take away is that "Running, even 5 [...]

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Sex and Back Pain

This post is gonna be a quickie (yes - the pun is totally intended). A recent research paper (1) was published examining which sexual positions are best (in other words most pain free) for people suffering from back pain. I can tell you that this topic is not one that many of my physical therapy [...]

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More “Miracle Cures” For Back Pain and Migraines

Here We Go Again... Every time a celebrity doctor mentions some "new" supplement or product that supposedly gets rid of back pain and headaches I get flooded with questions from my physical therapy patients about them. Sometimes the recommendations are valid. Some of the products and supplements really can help with pain and other problems. [...]

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What To Do If You Are In A Car Accident In Arvada

By W. Robert Howell from Charlotte, NC, United States (still here.) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons The City and Community of Arvada website has a great resource for Arvada residents that have been in a car accident. And with the weather already starting to change - including heavy rain and hail - and what [...]

New Medical Facility To Be Built In Arvada

Did You Know... The Arvada City Council approved the preliminary plan for a new primary care facility in Arvada. The proposed site is on 64th Avenue and Quaker. The emphasis will be on sports medicine - a natural partner with physical therapy. In my opinion this will be a great addition to the list of [...]

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Are You Ready For Fall In Arvada?

The Fall season here in Colorado is only weeks away. And if you live in Arvada then you know that there are tons of outdoor activities to enjoy! But nagging old injuries and recent onset aches and pains can stop you from doing the things you love. If outdoor activities are calling you but pain [...]

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